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Hotel Room Decor

At Balloon Pros Las Vegas, we bring the magic of luxurious balloon decor right to your Las Vegas hotel room. Our meticulous design approach ensures that your personal celebrations are cocooned in an ambiance of joy, elegance, and exclusivity. Whether it’s for birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorettes, or any special occasion, we curate a balloon decor experience that resonates with the essence of celebration.

We specialize in designing a variety of balloon arrangements, including graceful arches, elegant towers, Selfie Walls,​ and personalized color themes that harmonize with your celebration’s vibe. The fine art of our balloon decor transcends the ordinary, immersing you and your loved ones in a whimsical setting that’s both intimate and extravagant.

Our professional-grade latex balloons, filled with 100% medical-grade helium, showcase a splendid array of colors with a promise of consistency and longevity. We’re dedicated to employing high-quality materials, ensuring that the allure of your decor remains pristine throughout your celebration.

We tailor each project to your preferences, offering a personalized consultation to understand your vision and bringing it to life with a touch of balloon elegance. Our service extends beyond mere decoration; it’s about creating a lavish backdrop for your cherished moments, right in the comfort of your hotel room.

Indulge in a unique decor experience with Balloon Pros Las Vegas, where your hotel room is transformed into a realm of celebration, making your personal milestones all the more memorable in the heart of Las Vegas.

Product Offerings

  • Hotel Room Décor
  • Air Filled Number Marquees
  • Helium Ceiling Balloons
  • 36” Monogrammed Balloons
  • 9’ Build Your Own Balloon Bundles
  • Floor Balloons
  • Selfie Walls
  • Balloon Garlands
  • Balloon Walls
  • Flowers


Hotel Room Decor By Balloon Pros Las Vegas