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Birthday Parties

​Every birthday heralds the joy of life and the promise of beautiful memories waiting to be made. At Balloon Pros Las Vegas, we curate bespoke balloon decor to mark each year with the grand celebration it deserves, regardless of the age being celebrated. Our offerings range from modest, charming presentations for intimate gatherings to grand party displays that become the talk of the town.

We specialize in creating breathtaking balloon walls that serve as a vibrant backdrop for your joyous moments, capturing the essence of your celebration in a whimsical frame. Our Mylar – Foil Balloons add a touch of elegance and shine to your event, reflecting the sparkle of the day in a myriad of colors and themes.

Whether it’s the whimsical joy of a child’s party or the refined elegance of a milestone celebration, we tailor every detail to your satisfaction. Our balloon arches, whimsical centerpieces, thematic decorations, and personalized color schemes ensure that the visual decor resonates with the spirit of the celebration. With our expertise, every age is celebrated with a personalized, extraordinary balloon decor spectacle, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of you and your loved ones. At Balloon Pros Las Vegas, we translate your joy into a visual fiesta, ensuring that the celebration transcends the ordinary, making your special day nothing less than remarkable.

Our Offerings

  • Hotel Room Décor
  • Air Filled Number Marquees
  • Helium Ceiling Balloons
  • 36” Monogrammed Balloons
  • 9’ Build Your Own Balloon Bundles
  • Floor Balloons
  • Selfie Walls
  • Balloon Garlands
  • Balloon Walls
  • Flowers


If you have unique items or gifts that you would like delivered along with your balloon order you can have them shipped directly to us and we will include them in our delivery.  Just let us know.

Birthday Parties By Balloon Pros Las Vegas